Things Change

"Lilith! Lilith?"

Stockton Dupres woke with
a start when he heard the name.
Someone was calling Lilith.
Maybe this had all been a nightmare
and now it was over.

But as he moved to look out
of his nest, his fat belly served to
remind him that no matter what,
all was not well.

Excited, he watched from his nest
as a middle-aged man wearing nursing scrubs
walked up to the back door. "Lilith."
he called as he knocked loudly.

Moments later, the old woman came to the door,
happy to see her nurse.

Dupres stared in disbelief, "It IS Lilith!" He cried out.

How had he not recognized her before?
Though her appearance had greatly changed
since he last saw her, he was astonished to
see that she had been there the whole time.
He dug through his nest until he found
the golden acorn, and then rushed as quickly
as a fat squirrel can rush, down the trunk of the tree.

The rebel squirrel leader waited for what seemed
an eternity before Lilith's visitor left and she finally
ventured out. He immediately greeted her
telepathically but she didn't respond.

"There's my little Chubby." She said as she
approached him with her feeble gate.

"It is Stockton." He said anxiously. But she did not hear.

She bent over to hand him a peanut and noticed the acorn at his feet.
"What a lovely acorn!"
He took the opportunity to pick the acorn up
and drop it in her out stretched hand.

"Oh my." She said faintly as she slowly stood up
while looking at the acorn.

"It is for you." He said.

This time, she heard him. She looked at him curiously
before she realized that she could communicate back
to him with her thoughts. "Thank you, Chubby."

Dupres tried to explain everything to her but alas;
it was the same with Lilith as it had been with the others.
She had no memory of him.

Disappointed, Dupres asked her to at least tell him
the secret name of God so that he could save himself.

Of course, she said she did not recall it.

"Then will you tell me the most important word
in your vocabulary?" he asked, thinking this
would give him the answer.

"Lithium." She said.

He sighed deeply as he looked upon the woman
that he once would have given his life for.

To be continued . . .

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