"Some people think of the glass as half full.
Some people think of the glass as half empty.
I think of the glass as too big."

- George Carlin

Later that day, while venturing
around the neighborhood,
Dupres ran into another old acquaintance.

Chained in a backyard, pacing in circles
and stepping over a metal, upturned water dish,
he found the Hyena that he'd known in Rome.

Of course, she wasn't a hyena at all.
She was a mixed breed, spotted dog with big floppy ears.
But the squirrel recognized her just the same.

Sitting on a branch above her, he tried to get her attention.
When he finally caught her eye, she leapt
and barked at him most ferociously.

He explained how the two of them had become
friends in ancient Rome.
But, like the cat, the dog knew nothing of their
life before and wanted to rip the squirrel apart.

Dupres spent the rest of the afternoon trying
to escape the neighborhood.
Running the tops of privacy fences and
going from tree to tree until he was exhausted.

It was a maze . . . the neighborhood was a maze!
For the most part, the backyards all looked identical
but with dogs living in some.
The homes were a careful blend of bi-levels
and ranch styles, all in neutral colors.
Each had a barbeque, patio furniture,
a small garden and one lone birdfeeder
suspended from a branch of the token tree,
which stood in the far left corner of each yard.

But most disturbing of all, every time he stopped,
he would find himself back in the old woman's yard
where he first appeared.

Perhaps he had simply died and gone straight to Hell.

It was nearly time for dinner,
but Stockton Dupres was not hungry.
All he wanted to do now was go
to his nest and fall asleep.

Sleep, his only escape from the banal existence
that he now occupied.

Sleep, so that he might find himself somewhere
far from this place, even if it were only a dream.

To be continued . . .

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