In the Year 2525,
Stockton Dupres
Finds Himself . . . Insane!

While plotting to bring the Squirrel
Enforcement Army to the future to
fight for freedom, Dupres and Lovey 343
touch on the issue of funds.

Lovey 343 confesses that he has
saved a 'lot' of money over the years
because someone sends him thousands
of dollars a week.
After some prodding by Dupres,
the clone admits further,
that it is Dupres himself who mails the cash.

"Me!" Cries Dupres," I don't send you money!"
Lovey looks pensive for a moment,
and then explains, "Unfortunately, you do."

Dupres, being immortal could very well be alive
in 2525 but the thought of the two of them,
from the past and the future, living at the same time,
had not occurred to the rebel leader.

Lovey went on to explain that Dupres had been
mercilessly experimented on after the war.
During the experiments, scientists were able to
find cures for diseases like Cancer, Aids and Ebola,
based on Dupres unusual DNA. He eventually received
an honorary pardon for his unwilling participation in 2433.

"So . . .Where am I now?" the inquiring squirrel wanted to know.
"I need to talk to myself."
Lovey insisted that it would do no good and that it would
be best to "leave yourself alone."
But Dupres persisted.

Tucked out of sight in Lovey 343's jacket, they set out
through the city's underworld. Populated by the future's
own brand of living refuse who slinked after you, waiting
for an error in your gait or an extended blink of the eye.
A population, which fed on itself in the festering climate of decay and corruption.

And it was there, in the center of a cheering crowd
that they found the futuristic Stockton Dupres.
He sat alone at a dirty, blood splattered table.
An untidy bandana tied around his head and a gun in his hand.

Peering through a buttonhole in Lovey's jacket,
Dupres was horrified to see himself Clearly gone mad.

People paid him to kill himself! Only to watch as he came back to life minutes later.

To be continued . . .

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