She bid me take love easy,
As the leaves grow on the trees.
But I, being young and foolish,
With her would not agree.

W. B. Yeats

"I am Lilith," the woman said.

"I know," said the squirrel.
"Adam's first wife. I've heard the
legends about you, but I didn't
think you really existed."

"The legends?" She was puzzled.
"Who are you?"

Dupres went on to explain how he had come
from the future and that he planned to kill
Adam and Eve.
He asked how it was that she could
stand up to the Devil as she did.

"It is the same reason," she explained,
"That I am allowed to roam the Earth as I do,
unencumbered by Adam.
I know the hidden name of God,
the name of infinite power."

She would not tell the squirrel how she learned the name,
nor would she share it with him. . . and he did ask.

She explained that she was technically banned from Eden
after refusing to be dominated by Adam and forcing God
to labor over a new bride for him.
"But I can't bear to have these beautiful apples go to waste."
She said. "You know, Adam and Eve aren't allowed to eat them.
Still, I am very careful not to let them see me when I come here."

Lilith invited the squirrel to her home, a cave on the outskirts
of Eden near the sea. They had an instant connection
and spent long hours sharing their thoughts.

Dupres was in love with her.
He remained for some time before he realized
that he would never leave her.
He would give up living in trees to live in her cave.
He would give up his mission to kill Adam and Eve.
He would leave behind the war in Kentucky
For none of it mattered to him when he was with her.

In turn, Lilith offered to take the form of a squirrel if it
would please her love. But Stockton Dupres told her that
she would always look the same to him because
all he could see was her heart.

One morning he rose early and left her sleeping.
He wanted to give her a gift. He would find the most delicious
nut in Eden and offer it to her as a token of his undying love.

He searched high and low, nearly settling for a walnut until he
spotted a perfect acorn falling from a majestic Oak.
He caught it in mid air then rolled it in his paws,
marveling at its beauty. He washed it in the crystal water
then polished it with his luxurious tail until it shown like gold,
the color of Lilith's skin.

He turned to leave the garden; when suddenly, he was paralyzed.
The serpent coiled around his body and put his face to Dupres'.
"We meet again, Stockton Dupres,
and Lilith is not here to protect you."

Dupres immediately regretted his foolish decision
to enter the garden without Lilith.

"Are you ready to awaken from this dream, now?" Asked Satan.

"No," said the squirrel. "I am no longer a threat to you.
I have no plans to harm Adam and Eve."
And he heard himself say a word that was not familiar to him.
"Please!" He was pleading. " I just want to stay here and live in peace."

Dupres had never feared death, and he did not know what Satan had
in mind for him, but he knew that he would do anything to
stay with Lilith and parting from her was unthinkable.

The serpent hissed, "Time to awaken!"

"No," cried Dupres, "Not now. . . Nooooo."

But the squirrel abandoned his protests and fell into deep slumber.

Satan left his limp body hanging on a limb, over looking Eden.

To be continued . . .

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