Dupres searched Eden
for materials that could
be used to kill Adam and Eve.
He was beginning to feel discouraged
when he heard someone call out to him
as he passed by a tree.

He turned to face a large snake
that was hanging at eye level from a branch.

"Whatcha doin' Stockton Dupres?" Hissed the snake.

"How do you know my name," Dupres asked, startled.

"Oh, I know all about you and your . . . plans." He said.

Dupres suddenly had a moment of clarity, "You're the Devil." He gasped.
"Why are you bothering me?"

"You don't usually mind." Returned the serpent.

Dupres decided to say nothing.

"I know what you're up to and as much as I
would enjoy watching," The serpent went on,
"I can't let you kill them."

"What do you possibly care about
two puny humans?" The squirrel asked.

The snake extended his head closer to Dupres' ear,
"Without them . . . There is no me."

Dupres suddenly felt very sure of himself, like the gut feeling
one gets when they know they have made the right decision.
"All the more reason they should die." He stated firmly.

The serpent drew back his head and hissed loudly. "Idiot," he snapped.
"This is all a dream that I gave you, perhaps it is time for you to awaken."

The rebel squirrel leader had had enough and turned to leave
when he suddenly was unable to move.
Once again the snake was in his face.
"Your life is so worthless, you choose to sleep it away
so that you might live in your dreams."

Dupres wanted to call him a liar but he couldn't speak.
And besides, it was already common knowledge.

"I told you," said the snake, "I know all about you because I
gave you the dreams.
You think you are the leader of some squirrel enforcement army,
hah, you even think you are immortal."
He hissed in delight. " I gave you those thoughts."

All the squirrel could do was watch as the snake looked
through him and told his life's story back to him as if he had lived it too.

But without warning and out of nowhere, there came a golden arm
attached to a golden hand, whose golden fingers found their way
around the serpent's neck.
The Devil ceased in mid hiss as he looked up at the woman who
held him in her grip. "Lilith!" He gagged.

Dupres was no longer paralyzed,
but he was too mesmerized by the woman to move.
She was the most stunning creature he had ever seen.
Tall and strong, her golden skin was radiant with
health and her raven hair toiled in ringlets
down her back and around her . . . curves.

She pulled the snake's head up to her lips and whispered
something to him before she whipped him out
into the field of Poppies behind her.

Now she turned to the squirrel, but all the smitten Dupres could
do was gaze into her fiery eyes.

To be continued . . .

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