After traveling to the future by accident
in the Tree of Time, Stockton Dupres finds
himself the only living squirrel left in the world.

And the humans are all clones of people long dead,
including the President of the world who is a
clone of Arnold Swarzenegger.

Befriended by the clone of an insane squirrel photographer
who lived over 500 years before named Lovey 343,
Dupres sets out to learn what happened to all the squirrels.

Back at Lovey's apartment, the clone tells about how
the squirrels tried to take over the world in 2001.
The world united as it had never done before
and captured the Squirrel Enforcement Army.

The squirrels were put to death and the
squirrel sympathizers, like himself,
were cloned and cursed to work
as servants to humanity forever.

"But why are there no trees?' Asked Dupres.
"Well," explained the clone, "That is how
the humans won the war.
They destroyed all of the trees, save one,
forcing the squirrels to flee on the ground.
It was a terrible slaughter."

"Are you still a squirrel sympathizer? Asked Dupres.

With a sly smile, Lovey pulls a cushion from his sofa
and turns it over. Taped to the bottom is a photo of Dupres,
taken in 2001, before the great battle.

Of course! Dupres thinks to himself.
Go back, before the war in 2001 and bring
the Squirrel Enforcement Army to 2525.
We could take the new world order by surprise
and we would have all of the Lovey clones to help us.

But the Tree of Time . . . how to direct it?

To be continued

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