This time, as Stockton Dupres climbed
out of the Tree of Time, there was little
doubt that he had actually ended up
where he wanted to be.

Lush greenery, adorned at every turn
with sweet smelling flowers, ripening
fruit and delicious nuts of every breed.
A crystal blue waterfall mingled its own
distinct song with those of the happy birds
sitting all about the branches of tall trees.

Creatures of every sort wandered about
as two naked humans played in the grass.

Dupres breathed a sigh of relief as he realized that,
finally, he could change the world. Here and now,
with no one to stop him, he could forever
contain the corruption of man.

But sometimes, even in paradise, a squirrel
must be a squirrel.
With a renewed energy and euphoria toward life,
the rebel squirrel leader climbed trees,
leapt from branch to branch and tasted
Eden's finest selection of perfect nuts.

Soon he was joined by other squirrels.
They were fearless and beautiful creatures
that behaved as if the world belonged to them
(as it surely did).

On this day, Dupres was happier than he'd
ever been in his life. Absolutely drunk with the
pleasure of being alive and without pain or hardship.

Then the shadows of his mission began to take
form as he looked on at Adam and Eve.

They seemed so sweet . . . And innocent.
The animals in the garden loved to be near
them and walked up to one and then the other
for any slight attention.

"But their spawn," thought Dupres. "Remember what will
happen once they breed."

Now, in the midst of all this harmony,
Stockton Dupres felt like the heavy.
He would be the first in the world to draw blood
and perhaps, corrupt the world in a new way.

To be continued . . .

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