Soy ardilla!

Stockton Dupres knew that to
get into the tree of time he
would have to first deal with
the Terminatress.

He could not defeat her alone
and even if he somehow got
the good citizens of London
to help him, it would be grim.

She was so advanced in her
battle technique and weapons.
They would have little chance
against her with their eighteenth century arsenal.

But then he reminded himself of
La Batalla de Puebla, which would take place
on May 5, 1862 (Cinco de Mayo).

Under the command of General Ignacio Zaragosa,
Mexican soldiers, outnumbered and armed
with little more than farming tools,
would defeat the French who came to
conquer them under the command of Napoleon.

Feeling empowered, he turned back to London,
realizing of course, that the people there would
not willingly fight for him. But if he learned nothing
else on the prison ship, he learned that the
English thought a lot of their tobacco.

The head Constable sat stoically at his desk
smoking a pipe while examining some documents
and enjoying the cool night air coming in through the open window.
Like a spirit, Dupres leapt onto the desk and took
the pipe in mid stoke, then out the window he went.
He paused in the center of the street to let the
baffled constable get a good look at him in the
moonlight before scampering away.

There was yelling and whistling behind him
as he darted through alleyways and over discarded crates.
At one point he lost them and had to climb upon a roof
to get their attention. Once he caught sight of the lanterns, he was off again.

As he neared the tree of time with his entourage of yelling men,
barking dogs and clanking metals, he saw the
silhouette under the tree rise up to meet them.

He took one big toke off the pipe for himself and then
climbed the Terminatress as if she were a tree.
As a lantern came up to her face, Dupres stuck
the pipe in her gaping mouth and then launched
himself into the branches of the ancient tree.

How he wished he could watch the battle as he chanted;
"Garden of Eden, Garden of Eden . . .

To be continued . . .

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