Clone along with the rats and the convicts,
overtook the ship with ease and placed the
captain in Lovey's old fetters below deck.
The rest of the crew was forced to man the
ship under the constant surveillance of the rats.

The clone had made Who the leader of his
rat army in gratitude for her finding the key
to his leg iron.
She grew into the role of
the Rat-Queen almost instantly, commanding
the other rats with a natural leadership.

Clone agreed to take Dupres back to England
and release several of the officers with him
for the purpose of rowing the lifeboat to shore.

On the way, an unfortunate pirate ship became
the first victim of Clone's new occupation.
Dupres was impressed at how quickly the
pirates were subdued by the horde of rats
that overwhelmed them before they could
defend themselves against the convict-pirates.

There was plenty of booty to be had as
the convicts plundered the plunderers
and Who recruited new rats from the pirate ship.

At the end of a long return journey, the squirrel
along with 3 officers left the great hulk under
the cover of darkness and rowed for shore.
As the boat was lowered to the water,
Dupres got a last look at his old friend Lovey.
He stood majestically under the Rat flag,
surrounded by his loyal subjects
and Who sitting on his right shoulder.

There would be stories about the rat ship
and her eccentric crew in the future.
Lovey and Who would become the bane
of all high seas travelers and merchants
during their life on the sea.
Centuries later, there would still be reports
of a great ghost hulk sailing under a rat flag.

As they rowed toward shore, Dupres watched
as the Rat Ship vanished into the darkness
and sailed on to legend.

Once on shore, Dupres headed straight
for the Tree of Time but as he approached,
he saw a form sitting at the base.
The silhouette against the night sky was unmistakable
It was the Terminatress!
She was waiting for him . . . But how did she know?

It took him only seconds to figure out
that it was he, himself that must be giving her
the information from the future.
She must have somehow gotten
a hold of his insane self in 2001.

She had not been able to follow him
out to sea and so decided to wait for him at the tree.

Without even a cigarette to help calm his nerves,
he began to plan his next move.

To be continued . . .

This story is dedicated to my good friend Who,
who recently passed on to a better place . . . I hope.

If this makes no sense to you
And you want it to,
There is a link to Time Travel
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