Meanwhile back in 2001. . .

"It's your move,"
Reno said to the unresponsive,
insane Stockton Dupres,
sitting across a chessboard from her.

Looking very pensive at
Dupres' black Queen,
she put her left index finger
to her chin momentarily
then reached across and
moved the piece for him.

"You can't do that!"
She snapped,
"Your King is in check!"

Dupres pulled the trigger of the toy pistol he
held to his head.


Reno sighed.

But in an instant, their domestic bliss came to a crashing halt.
The glass in the great picture window exploded into the room
as a black, leather clad figure somersaulted through it and
landed upright in the center of their company.

Janet Reno dropped Dupres' Queen as she gaped upon the form of . . .
Herself Only, cooler.

The Terminatress quickly bound Reno to the chair and stuffed a rag
in the former Attorney General's mouth.
Then she went back outside and tore several planks from the
wood fence and brought them inside. There, she proceeded to
board up the windows and door.

The squirrel was helpless and made no attempt to defend himself
as the clone attached an electronic device
which looked like a metal halo to his head.
It was known as a 'thought screen' and would display pictures
of what the wearer was thinking, in the space above the head.

Late into the night, under a glaring light, Dupres was interrogated incessantly.
His tormenter repeating the same question, "Where are you in the past!"

The insane squirrel said nothing and his empty gaze did not betray him.
But the pictures above his head were running like Saturday morning cartoons.

Reno, still tied up in the chair, watched in confusion.

When she finally figured what was going on, she cried out in anger.
But the muffled screams died down to whimpers as she realized
that there was nothing she could do to stop her double.

And the Terminatress would have her satisfaction.

With the insane Dupres as her hostage, she would be able to
track the rebel squirrel leader into the past and stop the
great rebellion before it ever began.

To be continued . . .

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