Little time had passed
when Dupres and Lovey
saw one Hun on horseback
coming their way.
Behind him, strode the lone,
ominous figure of the Terminatress.

Lovey grabbed Dupres by the scruff
and headed for the tree.
The Hun overtook them as he
reined his terrified horse up the ramp.
Lovey reached out and grabbed the
horse's tail as it passed and all three
were instantly swallowed up by time.

Moments later, having no ramp awaiting them, the horse leapt from the tree.
Lovey and Dupres were hurled to the ground and when they picked
themselves up, the Hun was long gone.
Not knowing where they had landed, Dupres suggested that
they re enter the tree and try to direct their next destination.
But the clone was not anxious to go back to his own time
and wanted to find out where they were.

They followed a dirt road into the bustling 18th century city of London.
The squirrel lay hidden inside Lovey's jacket, giving advice on where to
go and basically acting as a tour guild to his direction-challenged companion.

When night came, it occurred to them that they had
no currency and no bed for the night.
Worse yet, Lovey had had no dinner.

The night was crawling with the sad and wretched poor,
the sick, the infirm, the homeless and the evil.
It was so unpleasant there that the two travelers
decided to make their way back to the tree.

As they passed an open window, Dupres caught the aroma of fresh baked bread.
He leapt from Lovey's shoulder, landing directly on
the kitchen table where the bread was left.
Being an accomplished thief, he quickly tore off a transportable piece
for he and Lovey to share on their way out of town.
As he leapt from the window, he heard the screams of the
lady of the house closing in behind him.

He caught Lovey's left shoulder and they
headed toward the outskirts of town,
laughing at their little mischief.

Laughing, that is, until they were intercepted by the
local constables and taken to the gaol.

To be continued . . .

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