Back in 451 AD

Stockton Dupres hadn't slept
a wink the night before.

Sure, he was excited
and he was certainly a little
apprehensive about Attila's
power-hungry attitude.

But mostly, he fantasized
about how it was going to be
when he and the Huns
arrived in Kentucky.

He imagined the squirrel hunters,
running in terror and hurling themselves into the Ohio River to avoid capture.
Or groveling before him and Attila, pleading for their puny lives.

He then envisioned his old squadron (who mutinied against him in Colorado)
crawling back and pledging undying support to the cause.
Would he let them back in? He would have to give it some thought.
Above all, he looked forward to another great squirrel uprising
that would end in victory!
The rebel squirrel leader had figured out a ramp system
to use to get the warhorses through the Tree of Time.
Things were going very smoothly as he tied up
loose ends before the great migration.

He had instructed the Huns to repeatedly chant, '2001' as they entered
the tree on their mounts and to hold firmly to the reins.
He was confident that this would ensure an accurate arrival.

At last, the Huns were ready to move forward.
One by one they rode their horses up the ramp
and disappeared into the branches.

Lovey had come to see them off and to wish his friend luck in the battle.
As he, Dupres and Attila stood next to the ancient tree;
a Roman foot page came running up to them.
Gasping for air, he explained that Rome was under siege by a, a . . . She-Devil!
"She has killed Aetius and many more, she is unstoppable." He said.

Dupres knew at once that it was the Terminatress;
she must have followed him through the tree.

He immediately regretted the friendship that he had helped to establish
between the Huns and Rome as Attila sounded an order
for his army to rescue Rome.

The squirrel tried to stop them but it was no use.

Attila assured him that they would return shortly but Dupres knew
the Huns would be destroyed.

He and Lovey watched as the barbarians rode out of sight,
knowing that they would have to escape for their own lives.
Yet, ever hopeful that all was not lost, lingered in desperation.

To be continued . . .

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