Things have been
good for Janet Reno
since she left the White House.
Friends and acquaintances have
been amazed at how refreshed
and happy she looks.
Some have even speculated that
perhaps she has gone under
the knife and had a little face-lift.

In fact, she's been feeling so good
that she's thinking of running
for office again in Florida.

Of course, for all of us who have been
following this story, it is no secret at all.

Ms. Reno, at last, possesses the object of her desire,
rebel squirrel leader Stockton Dupres.

Driven mad in a laboratory and sent back in time
by his time traveling self,
Dupres is lacking cognitive abilities and is solely
dependant upon the former Attorney General for his care.

She works in her modest garden
and he sits nearby at a small table.
The bright sunlight exposes them defenseless,
and seems to wash them clean of the shadows of their pasts.

Reno softly hums a tune from long ago.
But it is stolen by a soft breeze and carried away
to the world of her own thoughts.

Dupres sits at the table listening to the
whispers and cackles of his own demons.
He is not blind but his eyes do not see.
He is not deaf but he cannot hear.
And he is not mute . . . But the voice that led
300,000 rebel warriors into battle is silent.

He holds a toy pistol to his head
and once in a while, pulls the trigger.

Reno hears the click and comes over to the table,
without a word, she takes a cloth
and gently wipes the drool from his chin.

To be continued . . .

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