The Gift

If Stockton Dupres had
watched more movies,
he might have been very surprised
when he first looked upon
the Scourge of God.

Attila's head was large
and sat upon a short,
squarish body.
His complexion was dark
and his nose was flat.

His eyes, small and deep-seated,
flashed like darts as he cast
them over his guests.
His gait was full of pride
and the kind of self-possession
that made Dupres fretful.

Attila, he feared, might be
too ambitious for the squirrel to control.

Dupres had the new Emperor turn him over to the Hun as a 'gift.'
Attila, being so pleased to have the mystical squirrel in his possession,
promised peace with Rome, forever.

Attila threw an elegant banquet that very evening
in celebration of his new charge.
The rebel squirrel sat at his right hand, atop a gilded high chair.

The squirrel was served fine nuts on a silver plate and he noticed that
the other guests were treated with the same hospitality.
But Attila himself, ate nothing but meat served on a plain trencher
and took his drink from a cup made of wood.

After the meal, the Hun called for entertainment.
A small group of minstrels entered the hall and set themselves up to play.
Dupres was having trouble keeping awake and began to doze
when he was abruptly jolted by the familiar sound of . . . John Denver music?

His eyes nearly popped out of his head as Annie's Song filled the room
in the trappings of ancient instruments and strange accents.
And then to his disbelief, he spotted his old friend Lovey 343, the lead singer.

Lovey had known the squirrel would be there and quickly caught his eye.
But Dupres thought it best to act as if they did not know each other for now,
and quickly looked away.

He was glad to see that his friend had not died from the attack
by the Terminatress in 2525-
But why was he teaching the Huns John Denver songs?

To be continued . . .

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