Squirrel out of Time

His recent moves were
destined to change history

but the rebel squirrel
did not care.

He was not the
Captain of the Enterprise
and he had no
Prime Directive
guiding his judgment.

Valentinian 111 had been trained in hand-to-hand combat
and knew how to use a sword.
But alas, he was no match for
the mind reading squirrel and vengeful Hyena.

When the Emperor came in to strike his first blow,
Dupres jumped upon his head.
Biting and scratching, the emperor was momentarily blinded with pain.
The Hyena gutted him instantly as he cried out for help.
No one came except his mother, the Empress Placidia.
Seeing what had become of her son,
she grabbed the sword and lifted it as if to strike.
But she too, died in a bloody mound on the floor of the colosseum.

The spectators, unsure if this was part of the show
or some horrible mishap, began to cheer, either way.

And it came to pass that history was forever altered.

Dupres and the Hyena would become heroes of Rome
and the competent Flavius Aetius would be her new ruler.
Dupres was able to persuade Aetius to return
the Hyena to Africa and set her free.
He himself was invited to stay in Rome,
where he would live out his days eating roasted nuts
and giving military advice to the new Emperor.


He had something else to do.

Stockton Dupres wanted to find the Huns and convince them to return
to Kentucky in 2001 and fight in his war against the squirrel hunters.

As he sat on a marble wall over looking a splendid garden full
of rich delicacies (his for the taking) he asked himself, 'Why?'

'Why not stay in Rome?'

Already squirrels were looked upon in a new light as
Aetius had banned all squirrel trapping in the Roman Empire.
There was even a chance that Rome would not fall
and would become an even greater presence in the future
than it was when he knew it.
Perhaps there was no longer any squirrel hunting in Kentucky.

He shook off the thought,
for there was only one burning emotion,
which filled his furry little chest -
And it was hate.

Right or wrong,
He wanted to make the squirrel-hunters pay for their
countless and unspeakable atrocities.
And then, perhaps, he would rest.

He allowed himself a final moment in the garden,
to crack a nut and savor its goodness while he forgot his own world so far away.

To be continued . . .

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