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1883 continued…

Under Widow Vanfleet's name,
Arbutus continued to
write the dime novels.

Some depicted the squirrels
of Edmonson County
in heroic and favorable themes.

While others featured
frightening anti-heroes such
as Yellow Fang, a squirrel
driven mad by human cruelties.
A squirrel who took out
his vengeance on the hunters
with terrifying violence.

The novels were hugely popular and anticipation of
each new issue was growing across the nation.
Attitudes were changing quickly toward the squirrels
of Kentucky. People either viewed them with awe
and respect, or simply trembled at the thought of
encountering one in the forest. Hunting had come to
a near stop but tourism had increased, bringing a new
source of income to the region. Nearly everyone seemed to
agree that the novels were good for all Kentucky residents-
including the squirrels.

Widow Vanfleet was now a very wealthy woman.
And without any living heirs, she was setting up trusts
for the squirrels, with all the money from the novels.
To most people, she was viewed as a person of honor.
Only the bitter squirrel hunters hated her. Twice, they
had set her modest cabin on fire in the middle of the night.
She was lucky to escape with her life both times.
And both times, she had insisted on rebuilding
in the same place.

The Widow would never leave the place her husband
had built for her when she was a new bride.
After his death, it was there that she continued
to raise their two boys.
And when she lost them both in the Civil War,
she had them buried on either side of their father.
The three graves were about 300 yards from her cabin,
visible from her kitchen window.

One morning, as Arbutus sat across from the old woman at
her kitchen table, the Widow lowered her coffee cup as
she looked out at the 3 graves.
"I've never told you about me and Stockton." She said.
"Would you like to hear our story?"

Arbutus looked up at her in surprise.
She had not known that there was a link between
Stockton Dupres and Nanny Vanfleet.

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