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Groups Fight over
Fate of 350 Feral
Squirrel Hunters

Kentucky-The case of 350 feral squirrel hunters living in a
mental hospital has pitted human rights groups
against each other in a debate over whether the
men are too vicious to be released into society.

Some experts have also warned that the deranged men,
made wild by years of forced labor, beer and tobacco
deprivation and roaming in packs in the camps of their captors,
were closer to Neanderthals than the cute,
beer bellied, squirrel killers they once were.

The men were liberated from a slave camp in Hart County
last year after one of the men escaped and found his
way to the Sheriff's office. No squirrels were arrested
at the camp but it is believed that Stockton Dupres'
rebel squirrel army is responsible.

Psychiatrists have determined that the men are too
dangerous to be sent back to their families.
"They are very unsocialized," Said one unidentified spokesperson.
"They have severe behavior problems. They have
become pack animals and as pack animals,
they are dangerous."

But one former squirrel hunter said all the men
could be resocialized, given enough beer and cigarettes.
He planned to hold a candlelight vigil on Wednesday
in front of the hospital where the men are housed.

"No one questions that these are troubled men." He said.
"The pack's dominant members have attacked and
maimed several cell mates after arriving there."

"Of course they are going to have that kind of behavior --
look at how caged animals act, they become neurotic. " He went on.
"I'm not saying they are all Gandhis, but they're not
Deliverance material either."

To be continued...

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