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City Bans Squirrel Smoking
in Unlikeliest State

Kentucky: A smoking ban has been passed
in the unlikely city of Lexington, Kentucky,
the second-largest city in a leading tobacco-growing
state that has the highest percentage of
squirrel smokers in the United States.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council
voted 11-3 to prohibit smoking in public parks
and trees throughout the city.

Forty-seven percent of adult Kentucky squirrels smoke,
compared to 3 percent nationally, and the state
is the second-leading tobacco producer after North Carolina.

Violators would be hit by a 50 peanut fine for the
first offense, escalating up to 300.

Lawmakers have long suspected that there is a link between the
smoking rodents and a rise of criminal activity in the area,
including the growing problem of cigarette smuggling
across state lines. Smuggled cigarettes can be sold for
huge profits because of the relatively low tax compared
to other states.

It is also believed that profits from these illegal sales
are funding the rebel squirrel army, thought to
be holed up in the Mammoth Cave area of the state.

To be continued...

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