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Illinois - A woman pleaded guilty on Thursday to poisoning several
trees that bordered her neighbor’s home because squirrels who
lived in them were 'watching her.'

The unidentified woman admitted she purchased an herbicide
and applied it to five trees in the spring of 2004 in
an effort kill them.
Two trees later died, according to a court document.

A witness told police that the perpetrator (her neighbor)
had complained to her on more than one occasion
that a third neighbor's trees were home to squirrels
and she wanted to 'get rid of them.'

Defense attorneys said the woman is suffering
from a rare form of paranoia.
It is believed that the illness causes people to
think that they are being watched by squirrels
in an unnatural way.

The neighbor who owned the trees agreed to
replant new trees himself, at no charge to her,
if his neighbor will simply get some help.

to be continued...

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