All currency converted to nuts upon entering

An unexpected radiation leak on Wednesday brought a
night of terror to a small town in central Kentucky.

A group of strangers, thrown together by desperation,
barricaded themselves in an abandoned farmhouse and
battled constant attacks from nut-hunting dead squirrels
who had been brought back to life by mysterious radiation.

Survivors told of bickering and panic among themselves as
they flung peanuts through open gaps in the boarded up
windows to distract the bushytailed zombies.

Around 4:00 AM the group was down to about a half pound of peanuts.
While hoards of the undead converged on the house; TV news
reports revealed to them that birdseed might also ward them off.

There was no seed to be found in the house but one survivor
located a dilapidated birdfeeder in the pantry.
Two volunteers were able to crawl onto the roof from a 2nd floor
window, and using an old fishing pole, lowered the feeder
down to a nearby branch. Hanging approximately 20 feet
from the ground, it quickly caught the squirrels' attention,
distracting them long enough for the group to escape.

Within 25 minutes, they had caught up to a posse of local
citizens and taken to a refuge until morning.

By morning, the nut hull-littered landscape was the
only physical sign to remind residents
of their plight the night before.

to be continued...

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