If you have any doubts about the power of love
all you need to do is look at who it is the hatemongers
have feared so much that they felt compelled to kill them.
Larry Wohlgemuth

All currency converted to nuts upon entering

The Kentucky Center for Missing
& Abused Squirrel Hunters
has issued an all points bulletin
for two brothers missing since
December 9, 2004. Their picture is
currently being shown on
the back of beer cans in the hope
that someone will run
across them and notify authorities.

Brothers Jesse and Omar
Case Type: Squirrel Abduction

Missing Date: December 9, 2004
Missing County: Hart
Case Number: DUI1237-B

Jesse still has most of his own teeth and enjoys telling tall tales.
Omar is heavily tattooed on his lower torso and willingly
shows it off to anyone who will look.

The brothers were last seen heading into the forest
near Mammoth Cave National Park carrying nothing
but a case of beer and their squirrel guns.

All currency converted to nuts upon entering

A felony warrant was also issued
for a member of the Rebel Squirrel Army who
has not been seen since the disappearance.

to be continued...

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