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"Nothing that humans do surprises me
but the way they tend to cover it up
is what repels me."
Jim Goad

While Americans sat down to their Thanksgiving
dinner today, one family was just thankful to be alive.

Sheriff's deputies in Edmonson County Kentucky are not disclosing
the identities of the couple and their two children, who are
currently staying with relatives in the area.

True, the family was warned about parking their mobile home so
close to Mammoth Cave National Park, where skirmishes between the
rebel squirrel army and hunters are frequent.
But the family owned the land and agreed among themselves that it
was their right, perhaps their duty, to make it their home.

Before they moved in, they had asked their reverend to
hold a special prayer service for them.
The reverend, who asked that his name be withheld, has since
reported that when they were praying, a horrible stench
filled the small church.
Some members reported
feeling dizzy after they left the church that day.

The family moved in and within a few days noticed
strange things happening.

There were scuttering noises in the house that came
and went. Shiny objects would disappear without
explanation, especially dimes and quarters.

The family kept the lights on day and night because the
sounds were worse in the dark, and found strange brown
things on the carpet when they woke up in the morning.
At times, one of them would wake to find a hideous,
fluffy creature with red eyes, hovering above their head.

The husband claims that he mysteriously awoke at 1:00 a.m. almost
every morning. He felt an otherworldly urge to go sit on the
front porch and drink beer.
He would get real cold but was unable to do anything
because he was immobilized by an unseen force.

On at least one of these occasions, he felt himself
levitate above his home.

This morning, just 28 days after they moved in, the family fled
the house, leaving their clothes in the closets and
food in the refrigerator.

If the family had not left, the deputy believes something
horrible would have happened.

"I try not to think about it," he says.

to be continued...

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