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"The individual is handicapped by
coming face-to-face with a conspiracy
so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

J. Edgar Hoover

The story you are about to read is true.
Only the names have been changed, to protect the innocent.

It was in the Spring of 2004 when
Mary Thomas (not her real name)
noticed a thieving squirrel robbing her patio bird feeder.

She tried chasing it away, only to find it had
returned the minute she went back in the house.

She put out a large plastic owl, which frightened the
birds away but did nothing to deter the squirrel.

Out of desperation, she decided to fill a shallow
pan with water and place it under the birdfeeder.
"If he's going to steal my birdseed," she said,
"He'll have to get his feet wet."

To her astonishment, the squirrel would not step in the water.
Her birdseed was saved!

She bragged to everyone who would listen.
And everyone did. A pan of water stopped a squirrel
from robbing her birdfeeder.
Throughout the summer, Mary enjoyed almost
celebrity status among her fellow
bird feeding neighbors for her ingenious idea.

But Halloween night brought a freezing wind.
And when Mary looked out at her birdfeeder the next
morning, she watched in horror as the squirrel
she had once outsmarted, sat defiantly on the
frozen water in the pan.
With both hands, he shoved the birdseed into his
waiting cheeks, his eyes staring victoriously into hers.

to be continued...

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