All currency converted to nuts upon entering

Oh, wear your flannel underwear,
When you climb a tree,
Take good care of yourself,
You belong to me!

Helen Kane version

Chicago 1929:

Arbutus had learned that Bugs Moran's men had
left 1929 for Kentucky shortly before St. Patrick's Day.
So she decided to go back to February of that year
and kidnap them before they had a chance to make
their mischief. She arranged for the six men
to be taken back to 1867.

Kentucky 1867:

Stockton Dupres was furious.
"You can't turn gangsters into slaves!
They can't be controlled with whiskey like squirrel hunters."

"I didn't know what else to do with them," Arbutus stammered,
disappointed that Dupres was not pleased with her action.
"I thought if we made them work in the caves,
it would be easy to keep them under control."

"They will always be plotting and trying to turn
the other slaves against us," he sighed.
"There is only one language thugs like that understand."
He paused for a moment.
"What day did you have them kidnapped?"

She answered dutifully but with a sinking feeling.
"February 15th, 1929."

"Come with me, " he said.
"You will learn a new skill today."
She followed him back to February 14, 1929.

Dr. Seaweed's Diary,
February 15, 1929:

Well the headlines are grizzly this morning.
Six members of the notorious George "Bugs" Moran gang,
along with a Doctor, were gunned down
in a Chicago warehouse yesterday.

Sometimes I think that the only sane place to be
during these turbulent times is here, in my peaceful asylum.
I had a troubling dream last night about gangsters and squirrels.
I don't understand why it left me so shaken,
as I have never had any close connection to either.
But when I read the paper this morning, the dream
seemed to come alive for me, and as I read
I sensed that I already knew what had happened.

Later, when I took my walk around the grounds,
I saw in the distance a wee squirrel standing
up in the grass.
I am sure it was looking directly at me.
I approached it within just a few feet. We stood there
for several minutes, the squirrel and me,
just watching each other.
Because of the dream I had the night before,
I found myself searching for answers.
But of course it was just a silly dream.

And everyone knows it was Capone who is behind
what they are calling the
St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

to be continued...

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