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Arbutus thought that she
had wasted her time
coming to see Dupres.

What good was he
to anyone now?

Somehow she had hoped to
better understand him by seeing
his remains in the museum.

But the horrible specter she found,
betrayed nothing of the life that
once resided behind the glassy stare.

As she left the room, she looked
around at all the pictures of Ben Blair.

Killing Stockton Dupres had turned the
boy into a national hero.
And now at the tender age of 16,
the penny dreadfuls that were written
about him had made him the wealthiest
young man in Edmonson County.

Girls from the best Kentucky families competed
for his attention while attending lavish balls,
thrown in his honor.

But the worst of it fell upon the squirrels that
were left to live in the local forests.
Men from around the country and abroad
came to hunt them. Each hoping to carry
home a souvenir pelt, perhaps from a relative
of Stockton Dupres…

Trophies to adorn their dens.

Arbutus herself had lost two brothers to them.

All because Dupres had chosen to sacrifice himself
for some ridiculous fancy.

She noticed a stack of the cheap novels on a table,
each depicting Ben Blair in some heroic
fashion or another.

She decided to borrow one on her way out.

Most squirrels could read thanks to Dupres.
He had believed that the ability and willingness
to read was their greatest advantage
over squirrel hunters.

To be continued...

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