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Dr. Seaweed's Diary:
September 14, 1929

As I returned from my morning walk around the grounds, I noticed a wee squirrel approaching the east wing of the asylum. I stopped in my tracks as it leaped upon the window ledge outside of Capone's room.
Knowing Capone's fascination with squirrels, I simply had to get close enough to hear his reaction. Hiding myself against the wall, I crept as close as I could around the corner from the window.
Capone was ecstatic! He rambled wildly about how Moran's men had captured something called the pipeline and presented it to Moran on Saint Patrick's Day. He called the squirrel 'Master' and begged it to set him free so that he could assist it in bringing down Moran.
I must admit that this surprised me. Capone was actually talking like a gangster and making some sense. He surely must have thought that the squirrel he refers to as Stockton Dupres or Master was visiting him. The squirrel was obviously looking for food and when it realized the lunatic had nothing to offer, it left the window.
Capone was inconsolable as he gripped the bars on
his window and cried for the squirrel to return.
"Don't leave me, Master! Please don't leave me here."

Arbutus had her answer.
Al Capone had believed she was
Dupres so he told her everything he knew.
Moran's men had gone to Kentucky sometime
before St. Patrick's Day.
She knew that it had to be very close to the time
that they presented him with the pipeline of hooch.
Knowing males as she did, they couldn't have kept
such a big secret to themselves for very long.

Now how could she stop them by herself?

Seeking clues, she went to Moran's mansion and
let herself in through the chimney.
Black with soot, she meandered through the
hallways and rooms, looking for anything
that might assist her.
Something caught her eye as she peeked into the library.
She gravitated toward the terrible thing on
the desk with a heart full of dread.
She knew even before she jumped up
beside it that it was Dupres.
Once again he had been made into a taxidermy sculpture.
The plaque on the base simply read,
'From the Boys' March 17, 1929.

to be continued...

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