All currency converted to nuts upon entering

No, no, master! I wasn't going to say anything, I told them nothing! I am loyal to you master!
...Renfield (Dracula)

Chicago, 1929:
Arbutus found herself alone in Chicago.
A Chicago owned by Bugs Moran.
Apparently, she had arrived too late to stop them from going to Kentucky. But when had they gone back?
Dupres had said they came from 1929, but when?
Reluctantly, she realized that she would have to involve the displaced Al Capone in the hope of finding out approximately when Moran's men had gone back through the Tree of Time. She quickly learned that Capone was in an insane asylum under the care of a Dr. Seaweed. He had gone mad after losing control of the pipeline of Hooch. But at least he was still alive and could possibly assist her.

Dr. Seaweed's Diary:
September 12, 1929.

Al Capone, AKA: Nut Eater, spoke for the first time in months today.
It came after an intern was sent home with a nasty bite on his finger.

"It wasn't you're fault," I reassured him. "Fingers can look very much like peanuts…to squirrels."

Capone gave me his usual maniacal grin, then crouched on all fours and began his digging routine into the cement floor. Once his invisible hole was dug, he placed an invisible nut from his cheek into it, then proceeded to cover it with invisible dirt. As he patted it down, he gave me a quick look as if warning me to stay away from his treasure.
I pretended not to notice.

The large, ex-gangster crawled to my feet and looked up at me with his most pleading expression.
"It is Fall, Doctor. I must have more nuts to store, or I will surely starve this winter."

"Are you suggesting that I allow you to go outside and collect them?" I asked, curious to hear his answer.

He brightened and ran to the window where he gripped the bars in desperation.
"Outside, yes I want to go outside to the tree!"

"You know very well that we can't allow that." I explained.
"You have many enemies and you are not safe outside of these walls."

"You are right, Doctor." His voiced trailed as he sank to the floor.
"I will not be safe again until the Master arrives."

"You mean the squirrel, Stockton Dupres?" I pressed.

He covered his mouth, as a small child might do after saying something he shouldn't have.

I knew he would speak no more to me this day, so I left his cell.

to be continued...

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