All currency converted to nuts upon entering

When the going gets tough,
the weird turn pro.

Hunter S. Thompson

1867 continued…

Arbutus was having a very good day.
She alone had lured 27 hunters into traps, a record
for the Rebel Squirrel Army. And she was
stalking a small party of Edmonson county
hunters, her favorite prey, when the
alarming news came.

A young scout had come from the caves to tell
her that Nanny had been taken hostage by a
band of gangsters from 1929. Dupres had
turned himself over to them in exchange for
her but they still refused to release her.

"Do you know who they are?" She questioned
the younger squirrel eagerly.

"Dupres said they were sent by one of
Capone's rivals, Bugs Moran."
The scout paused a moment to remember something.
"Before they took him, he told me to tell you…
he said you are the only one who can
stop them from coming."

She realized they had somehow learned
the secret of the tree. If they knew about it,
perhaps they knew about Dupres too.
They might also know his weakness: taxidermy!

"I have to go somewhere," she explained.
"Don't let Dupres out of your sight until I return."

The scout was excited to know what she would do.
"Are you going to get Capone?"

She gave him a sober look; free of the gaiety she
had felt only moments before. "No," she said sternly.
"I can't afford any human incompetence."
And secretly, she knew Dupres had never trusted
Capone enough to tell him about the tree.

She quickly made her way to the ancient tree,
unsure of what she could do to stop Moran's men.
But one thing was certain, she could not fail.

To be continued...

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