All currency converted to nuts upon entering

Too much of a good
thing is wonderful.

Mae West

1867 continued…

Arbutus enjoyed her new job more than she thought she would. Luring unsuspecting squirrel hunters into traps where they would be forced to make moonshine for the Rebel Squirrel Army.

She was a fine specimen indeed. One glimpse of her full bushy tail and lush pelt was enough to draw any hunter into greedy pursuit.
And once he entered the deep forest, he belonged to the squirrels.

Dupres had warned her of the danger of being shot. But she was so quick and agile that the hunters were no match for her. She often feigned injuries to make the lazy ones think she was an easy target. In the end, it was always the same. The countless eyes, glaring at her in recognition as they were marched to the underground caves.

Why would she feel anything but pleased?
In her own time, she had watched them gleefully tear the pelts from her brother's bodies.

Besides, it was great exercise.

To be continued...

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