All currency converted to nuts upon enteringAll currency converted to nuts upon entering

1867 continued…

Stockton Dupres was supplying moonshine,
not to the citizens of his own time, but to
Al Capone in the 1920s. Through an elaborate
set up, the brew was being piped
through the Tree of Time.
Once it reached it destinations,
Chicago 1926, 27, 28, 29 & 30,
it was piped into Capone's saloons
as if it were water.

And just as a utility could be shut off,
so could the pipeline of hooch, if payment
was not received in the form of golden acorns.

Kidnapped Kentucky squirrel hunters from the 20's
were used to pick up the gold and transport it to
the Mammoth Cave area of Kentucky. From there,
specially trained rebels would collect the precious
acorns and bury them for future use.
Dupres was planning ahead by stockpiling
wealth for the upcoming war.

Dupres had reluctantly allowed Arbutus to join
the rebel squirrel army. She was the only other squirrel,
aside from himself, that was from another
time and therefore, remained immortal in 1867.
She would be trained and given the most dangerous missions.

He had warned her that although she may not remain
dead in this time, her body would feel the pain of dying
if she were shot or attacked by another animal.
But nothing would deter Arbutus. She was ready for
this adventure and the opportunity to be of service to him.

The rebels relied on slave labor to manufacture
the enormous reserves of whiskey needed
to build their wealth.
Hunters from Kentucky and Tennessee were
kidnapped and brought to the caves to work.
The squirrels knew the underground cave system
but the hunters would get lost and die before
they ever found their way out.

Arbutus was given the task of luring squirrel hunters
into areas where they could easily be overtaken
and placed in a holding area for transport.

to be continued...

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