All currency converted to nuts upon entering

Kentucky, 1867

Arbutus had found
the Tree of Time
most agreeable.

She descended the
trunk with certainty
of having been transported
to the correct time and place.

She asked the first squirrel she encountered
to take her to Stockton Dupres.

"If you don't know where to find Dupres," he said,
"then maybe he don't want you to find him."

She gave him a stern look. "What is your name?
I'll want to tell my cousin Stockton
how unhelpful you were to me when I find him."

The younger squirrel realized he was no
match for the bold Arbutus and agreed to lead her to him.

He took her through the dense forest until they
came upon the entrance of a cave.
They sat in the branches of a tree while the
younger squirrel surveyed the area to make
sure they hadn't been followed.
Then he quickly led her into it.
It was a hot summer day and she was relieved by
the cool underground temperature as they traveled on.
They raced through the darkness and she felt some fear.
But mostly, she felt excitement for what awaited her.
After a while, her eyes caught a light.

And as they approached the scene,
she smelled smoke and heard a familiar,
raspy laugh.

When she entered the large room from the tunnel,
she saw her old friend Nanny Vanfleet standing
beside a copper stove.

The young squirrel ran ahead of her and sat down
at Nanny's feet. "She said she's Dupres' cousin."

Arbutus gasped, "Moonshiners!"

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