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1883 continued...

Arbutus was a squirrel
with a troubled mind.
Certainly, she and the
widow had made great
strides for the squirrels
of Kentucky.

Their dime novels
had brought positive
attention and profits to
them from around
the world.

But what of
Stockton Dupres?

He was dead by his own choice to save her.
But had he known that he would be
humiliated in death? Turned into a
taxidermy sculpture by those
who hated him?

Late in the afternoon, she went to
the Ben Blair Museum. It had been
closed earlier in the year because it was
losing money. The owner was leasing
part of it out to the city for storage.
But she was able to get in through the
hole she had created earlier because
it had not been noticed by the humans.

Once inside, she was shocked to find
the Ben Blair relics pushed to the back
of one room, covered with dust.
The mantle where Dupres had stood
was now cluttered with papers and he
was gone. Before panic set in,
she found him on the floor behind a
broken table.

He was also covered with dust
and his cigarette was missing.

How sad it was for her to see him in this condition.
She licked her palms and rubbed them
over the filthy eyes until they began to shine.
She stood back to get a better look at the
one who had given her a free life.

From the dusky, drab figure now flashed
two sparkles-almost lifelike.
Half startled and half curious, she drew near.
But the figure was only a shell with
polished eyes. There was no life.

She glanced up at the wanted poster
from 1867, torn but still mounted on
the wall above the mantle.
The widow had not talked about 1867.
And yet, she had assured Arbutus that she
had told her everything.

What was Stockton Dupres doing in 1867?
He would not have been born yet,
he would have gotten there through the Tree of Time.

There was only one thing for Arbutus to do now.

to be continued...

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