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1883 continued...

The Widow described how
Kentuckians had tried
unsuccessfully to remain
neutral during the Civil War.
She and her sons were
simple farmers, owning no slaves.
She had believed that the
outcome of the war would not
significantly change their lives,
either way. The rich had the
most to lose, and the rich
could buy their way
out of the war.

But just as Kentucky's own sons,
Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis
had divided the sentiment of
their homeland, so was her home
divided and destroyed by
a war that was not hers.

When her oldest son was called to fight
for the Union, they hadn't a prayer of
coming up with the $300 to keep him
out of the army. In less than a month,
he was dead.
Blaming the Yankees for the death
of his brother, 15 year old Benjamin
ran away to join with the Confederates.
He used a false name and lied about
his age.
Nanny would never see him again.

Stockton had felt mercy for a mother's
grieving heart and had gone back in
time to find Benjamin. He followed
the boy from the farmhouse the night
he ran away to learn what company
he had joined with.

He then found himself in the unlikely
situation of being a double spy for both
the North and the South. After learning
what company Benjamin was traveling
with, the squirrel had attempted to manipulate
the battles with false intelligence so as
to keep the boy safe until the war was over.

In the end, Stockton had been unable
to save the boy. But he was able to tell
the Widow where she could find his body.
And so, there was a consolation in
knowing that Nanny would at least
get to bury her son and have him near.

The old lady looked weary as she glanced
down at Arbutus.
"I've told you everything now;
I think I'm going to go lie down."
Arbutus watched the Widow make
her way slowly to her bedroom.
Realizing that Nanny wanted to be alone,
the squirrel left through an open window.

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