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1883 continued…

Between the two headstones,
lay a bloody mass of fur and
flesh panting wildly.
Without speaking, the creature
looked up at her, "Help me."

The Widow didn't know how the squirrel
was communicating but she understood him
perfectly and reached down to pick him up.

"Take me to the big oak tree near the back
of your barn," he demanded.
"It's the only way to help me now."

"No," she protested, "I have to stop the bleeding."

"Do as I say…or I'll be dead in minutes." He insisted.

And so, against her better judgment,
she rushed him back to the old tree where
he instructed her to toss him into the branches.
Reluctantly, she did. And he didn't fall back out.

The old woman paused and looked down
at the wide eyed Arbutus, "You see, Sis," she went on,
"This is Stockton's time and it was the only place
he could die. The tree I tossed him into was
something he called the Tree of Time.
He eventually returned and told me that it
could transport him through time.
And in any other time he traveled,
he was immortal.
I didn't believe it myself, at first."

"But he was born in 1725," Arbutus argued.
"I've seen his headstone."

The Widow sat back and laughed her raspy,
witchy laugh.
"Ho, ho…we fooled everybody with that one."

Arbutus sat up, "Whatever do you mean?"

The widow cleared her throat and then began to explain.
"On one of his trips back from time traveling,
he said that the Government had sent a soldier
from the future to destroy him. She intended to
kill him while he was just a baby in order to stop
the squirrel war. We came up with the idea of
setting up a fake grave, showing that he had
been born in 1725 to throw her off."

It was beginning to make sense to young Arbutus
as she stared out the window. She then noticed
that there were three graves near the Widow's cabin.
"When you were telling me about Stockton,"
she went on, "You described only two graves…
but I am looking at three headstones."

The Widow looked out at the three graves.
"When I first met Stockton, there were only two graves." She said.
"The third grave is that of my youngest son, Benjamin.
And it is the reason that I will always
be loyal to Stockton Dupres."

To be continued…

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