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Arbutus had dreamed
of this day all her life.
But standing before
Stockton Dupres' stuffed hide
and looking for answers
in those cold glass eyes,
only added to her frustration.

All of the squirrels knew the story of she and Dupres.
Her mother had told it to her many times
while she was growing up.
It was a legend, more a fairytale, she thought.

And she was an unwilling participant.

They say he came from the future to save her
from the humans when she was just a few days old.
Her mother was there when Arbutus fell from the nest.
She would not have had time to retrieve her baby if Dupres
had not appeared in the second before the
boy spotted her on the ground.

Her mother described the rebel leader's bravery as
he sat down before the boy and smoked a cigarette.
Ben Blair, as well as all boys in Edmonson County,
knew Stockton Dupres on sight.
They had grown up looking at his wanted posters, all dreaming
that they might be the one to bag the notorious rodent.

With his coonhound hiding behind his legs,
young Blair raised his rifle and fired upon Dupres.

The squirrels thought that Dupres was immortal.
He had told them that he could not be killed
by humans and they had counted on it.
But no one counted on taxidermy,
apparently the only way Dupres could be destroyed.
As it turned out, Blair's father, Colonel Blair, had
been dabbling in this relatively new art form for years.
He went to work on Dupres' pelt immediately.
The Colonel had taken great pains to mount
Dupres in a natural setting, but insisted on placing
a signature cigarette in the squirrel's left hand.

"Why?" Arbutus pleaded.
"Why did you save me at the cost of all the others?"

To be continued...

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