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Stockton Dupres was thinking long
and hard about the Tree of Time.
It had always brought more harm
than good whenever he had used
it to change the past.
But he had always tried
to make changes
that would help all squirrels,
and now he wondered if that
had been asking too much?

What if he could change the
life of just one squirrel?
Perhaps fate would be kind and
permit him to change one thing,
that would change one life.

Something inside told him
that it could be done.

He would travel back to 1881
and somehow keep Arbutus
from falling into Ben Blair's hands.
As the sun rose over a long sleepless night,
Dupres made his way to the ancient tree.

Without hesitation, he began to climb.

Two Years Later, 1883

Arbutus flattened herself on the branch as she
watched the humans parade under her.
"All going to church," she smirked to herself,
realizing her plan would be a success.

When she was sure the last of them had cleared
the street, she quickly came down the trunk and
crossed in front of the bronze sculpture of Ben Blair
and his coonhound.

From there, it was an easy trip up the old walnut tree
and into the attic of the museum.
She had been working on the hole for several weeks
and today was the day she would get inside, while
everyone was at the sermon.

She made her way down to the main lobby where pictures
of Ben Blair and newspapers from around the country
adorned the walls.

And then her eyes, like magnets,
landed on what she had come to see.

At the back of the room, sitting on a
marble mantle, was the taxidermy mount.

Wanted posters from as far back as 1867 were mounted
on the wall behind it. There was even a picture of Blair
holding a dead squirrel by the tail.
The rifle that killed it hung in a rack above the entire setting.

She leapt upon the mantle to get a closer look
at the legendary Stockton Dupres.

To be continued...

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