The Colosseum

Attila the Hun has been
hearing voices in his head.
The voices tell of a
mystical squirrel that is
being held prisoner by
the Emperor Valentinian.

The voices also tell Attila
that in order for him
to fulfill his role as
King of the World,
he must first free the squirrel.

Attila sends a messenger
with a demand for the squirrel.
If Valentinian refuses,
the Huns will attack.

Valentinian approached Dupres' cage
with subdued hostility in his swaggering gate.

His gaze is met with Dupres' own unflinching glare.
"I know what you've done." He bends down to look more closely at the squirrel.
"You've tricked Attila into rescuing you by placing your little voices in his head!"

Dupres sat motionless, wishing he had a cigarette but never taking his eyes off of the Emperor.

"Why don't you like me?" Valentinian queried pitifully.
"I am the one who holds your life in my hands. I am the one who could have set you free."
He then became sarcastic." But nooo, you have to call barbarians."

Valentinian turns his back on Dupres,
only to reel back around like a madman and put his face near the cage.
"What will Attila do with a DEAD squirrel?"
Dupres lunges at the ridiculous boy and manages to scratch his plump cheek before Valentinian moves away. Again, the rebel squirrel has drawn blood. But this time, Valentinian does not run away. Instead, he allows the blood to trickle down his cheek and onto his tunic.
"You fool!" He hisses, before leaving the room.

Early that afternoon, attendants came to carry the squirrel cage away.
Dupres was relieved as he thought his cunning plan was unfurling without complications.

When the cover was removed, the cage was opened and he was prodded with sticks until he ventured out.

A crowd began to cheer as Dupres stepped out into the bright sunlight.
He looked up at the mass of humanity watching his every move and realized that Valentinian had no intention of turning him over to Attila . . . alive.

Suddenly, the crowd began roaring in great cheer.
Dupres turned his face into the burning sun until the silhouette of a creature,
fresh out of Hell itself, eclipsed it.

A fight to the death now awaited him in the arena.

To be continued . . .

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